Together — Branding for an ice cream company in San Francisco.

This is #Together and they make a kinder kind of ice cream with a humble and honest dream of sharing kindness in every scoop.

Together believes that food should be grown, not born. That’s why they milk coconuts and not cows. Using 100% wholesome plant-based ingredients to make delicious, decadent, dairy-free ice cream. As we developed the brand, our goal was to establish a branding that could help Together redefine the narrative surrounding plant-based treats while standing out from the rest. Drawing inspiration from Together’s mission, we created a graphic language with bold colors, organic patterns, quirky and playful photography direction and brand communications.

Together’s goal is to help make ethical, healthier, mindful plant-based treats become the new norm in an approachable way. Their aspiration to be an ethical, sustainable, mindful brand is represented in the icon that we made. It is simply a playful illustration of a pinky promise. The circular shape is meant to send a positive emotional message of harmony representing unity, love & community.

On top of that, we wanted to make a logo that would be sustainable and would attract children, millennials, and the oldies all at once. So we custom made a handwritten script logotype that is contemporary, fun & elegant at the same time. It is then balanced with the color palette that comprise of vibrant and whimsical saturated colors to make each element & the whole design pop. They exhibit playfulness, freedom & happiness. All in all, we crafted a branding that conveys all of Together’s brand essence and sure had a lot of fun in the process.



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