Suka Espresso

Branding project for a small Cafe located in Bali.

Started from a small cafe located in Uluwatu, Suka Espresso now has become one of the well-known cafe in the area. I got the opportunity to work with the owner of Suka Espresso, to help them to go through the rebranding process in order to create stronger brand.

The new design gives an impression of imperfection and unpolished, as it brings the typical hipster restaurant vibes in Canggu, but situated in Uluwatu. Suka Espresso mainly focused in presenting the restaurant’s good vibe, that’s why the brand itself should compliments their good food and good staff. The logo, made from the combination of letter ‘s’ and ‘e’. It’s simple, non-complex, a one color brand to simplify the brand application. The illustration was made in a doodle style to evoke imperfection concept to it.

We designed the whole brand identity.


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