Branding & Print Design

Rockett comprises of a small but awesome team of award winning Interior Designers based in Singapore specialising in providing bespoke design experiences for restaurants, bars, hospitality and leisure projects. The reputation they have built is a reflection of their commitment to design-thinking, attention to detail, and passion for premium craftsmanship.

Balance is key in this rebranding project. Rockett is posh, fresh and modern, mature & sophisticated yet youthful & playful at the same time. We evolved the branding that retains a link of these very qualities using a display serif font style logo which has an edgy & fresh impression and balancing it out with a modern san-serif typeface for the bodycopy texts.

A single letter monogram is made to be used as a stand-alone in some brand applications for simplicity and elegance. We use the same duality concept in the colors as well where the dark teal exhibits elegance & the bright orange brings out the playfulness & vibrance; both qualities that are embodied in Rocket’s body of works.




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