Web Design & Branding

Rimbun is a serene spot offering a quiet hideaway inspired by nature nestled in the exciting district of Canggu. It aspires to be a more environmentally-conscious resort to live up to its meaning as “rimbun”, in Indonesian, means “lush”. As a whole, Rimbun aims to emphasize on the opulent beauty of nature.

The branding design is inspired by nature itself. Going for warm, soft, and natural tones and dainty shapes & thin-lined illustrations. Suited for modern and natural styles, it is sophisticated, classic, organic and timeless.

The color combination acts like a peaceful cleanser – ranging from beige shades to soft green and to counterbalance the rather feminine colors, we added dark mossy green and terracotta to our earth tone color palette to offer a more mature and luxury look together creating a balanced palette.

















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