Brand Identity, Illustration, Photography

Palem is a premium brand that marries the travelin lifestyle with Summer fashion. In their collection, you will find perfectly blended personalities of a stylish traveler’s wardrobe; light convenience, natural simplicity and feminine sophistication.


In collaboration and photographed by : Cyril Saulnier

The name Palem is the Indonesian word for palm tree. Which is why we composed the brand’s primary look based on its characteristics the places of its origins.

Aside from capturing the essence of the brand through the design and artwork itself, we also emphasise the importance and value of customer experience.


Our approach

We used earthy tones and suave palm tree illustrations with thin line arts as the main graphic elements which we incorporated in the logo’s monogram. A lot of thought and care is being put onto the packaging to further enhance this. For example, the hang tag also serves as a dainty bracelet that can be kept by the customer as a memento or simply a fashion accessory, giving them a more embellished and personalised brand experience.








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