Matcha Cafe Bali — A unique tasting powdered Japanese green tea.

A full branding concept for a cafe in Bali that wants people to understand that Matcha has a lot of good benefits that they don’t know.

We are trying to make the brand looks more organic, modern, and young to make it suitable for the island style. We choose green as our main color as it shows life, organic and eco-friendly, also the pastel color brings more calming mood into it, and of course is the color of matcha it self. The logo is basically emphasising in the bold m and the tea leafs as the background of the brand name. the bold m represents the strength of benefits that matcha has. The form of “MATCHA” word’s curve as a bridge as it means progress, stability and connections which is suitable for the brand really well.








Healthy & organic all-day breakfast, brunch and lunch.


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