Cabina Bali Club inspired by the beauty of Bali Island with all the culture mixed with modern and hipster vibe.


Tasked to induce customers with visual designs and textual elements, this challenge drives us with carefully selected range of colors to accompany the design elements that represent on the design of, interior, illustratons, menu, takeaway packaging, marketing collaterals such as poster, banner, flyer and website.

Based in Bali, Cabina is a lifestyle brand and restaurant with swimming pool that represents two themes coming together; Palm Spring meets Tropical Paradise in Bali. As an adapted version of the original Palm Spring theme, Cabina is inspired by the beauty of Bali and all its culture mixed together with a modern and free spirited vibe.

Palm spring theme in good old times of Los Angeles vibes.




We also designed and managed their Instagram from scratch. With a touch of minimalistic, stylish, and clean design to represent the modern concept of Cabina Bali.




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